I first met Black Cherry Perry in October 2003 at the King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena Arkansas. He had arrived there from New Orleans where he had been living and had recently a reading from a fortune teller claiming to be a descendant of Marie Laveau herself. She had given him previous readings and guidance on spiritual undertakings, one in which she taught him how to cast spells, for love, and revenge if necessary, and another as to how to conjure and succumb to a total state of possession. His desired possession, at this time, was to master the art of fronting a blues band.

I am a somewhat reserved individual, an introvert even. Black Cherry Perry on the other hand is extremely extroverted. A fricking animal given to all manner of debauchery. A fearless risk taker, he embraces pushing all boundaries to their limits. If you’ve ever witnessed him performing at one of his shows, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

He claims to have been raised by his grandmother, a Madame, who had owned a brothel and a burlesque theatre. He was never allowed in the brothel but spent most of his time in the burlesque theatre known as, The French Maid. It was at The French Maid where he developed his love for the stage and performing. A hopeless romantic, it was also at The French Maid where he was introduced to the art of lovemaking, and the music genre the Blues, by his then paramour, Misty Edge. Misty Edge is no longer with us, but her influence on Black Cherry Perry has endured.