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Perry Gangur




Black Cherry Perry one sheet


Music…preview our original recordings

Where There’s Smoke album featuring the album title track                                                          “Where There’s Smoke”

Black Cherry Perry’s Mississippi Medicine Show album featuring fan favourite                       “Choke the Chicken”



Choke the Chicken

Mean Ol’ Legba

LIve at The Border Crossing





Lend an ear to the excellent Black Cherry Perry who is from Canada. BCP is a diverse contemporary blues band who have a superb new CD out called “Black Cherry Perry’s Mississippi Medicine Show”…Fireworks Music Magazine…Issue 72, Nov/Dec 2015

“You know I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since the Black Cherry Perry’s Mississippi Medicine Show graced these pages…Oh how I love that name for a blues band. Excellent. Wow!  So I was in the mood for a blues fix, and decided to see what they had been up to. Lucky me they just had a new video posted.”  Bearly Rambling Blogspot

“Love the name. That’s cracking that is. I mean, if you’re going to be a blues combo, then it doesn’t get much better than Black Cherry Perry’s Mississippi Medicine Show…this is their first album of original material…my favourite, ‘Coupe De Jour’,  a funky instrumental… ‘Good Mornin’ Judge’ is a close second, as it goes all Thorogood on your ass, and those songs show that there is talent here…I’ve seen some video clips, and they certainly seem an entertaining live act,”