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From the heart of the Mississippi Delta, at the turn of the last century, came a music so powerful that it pit the forces of good vs evil, angels vs demons, light vs dark.

Inspired by the mystique and majesty that were the famous "Travelling Medicine Shows", Black Cherry Perry looks to entertain visually as well as musically.

"The blues stars were and are big time entertainers. Audiences are looking for a show. They want to be entertained. They want to let their hair down, and they want to cut loose. We have some theatrical background, and we can't just stand there. The music takes over us... It's like we're men possessed."
Latest News
New Album – Where There’s Smoke

Hi folks…our all original album “Where There’s Smoke” is now available in CD format, from itunes… or at your favourite internet music site.

The Blues Can Marathon On-Line Festival May 21, 22, & 23

Blues Can (

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